About “Grace & Truth” Magazine.


“Grace & Truth” has been published for more than sixty years, and was first printed in New York in 1951. The founding editor was Leon A. Bynoe of New York, assisted by deputy editor Edwin C. Kling. Later John H. Essex of Nottingham, England joined the editorial team.. Among the contributors to the magazine were A.E. Knoch, Arthur Benta, Charles Peart and Dean Hough.

In 1971 John H. Essex became the editor, and published alone until 1988 when he was joined by Andrew Maclarty as deputy editor. In 1991 Andrew Maclarty became sole editor and has continued since that time.

Articles published in "Grace & Truth" are written to highlight some of the marvels in God’s Word that have been clouded or obscured through centuries of tradition. Well meaning folks in earlier centuries failed to clearly grasp the meaning due to poor translation. Those taught by them continued the same teachings and many precious truths have been hidden or lost.

For study we recommend the Concordant Version of the scriptures. It has a consistent vocabulary and by use of exclusive idiomatic similes the meaning of the original text has been restored or preserved. Further explanation and an illustration of Concordant Principles is to be found elsewhere on this site.

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