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Anderson, C.S.

  Daniel Conceals - Paul Reveals

Bynoe, L.

  God All In All

Clayton, E. H.

  Beyond The Eons
  The Cirumcision Evangel
  The Glory In Ephesians
  The Hebrew Evangel
  Sovereignty Or Deity?
  The First Eon
  Paul's Five Ministries
  Saul - Paul, The Unseen Interval
  The Dais Of God and Christ
  The Gentiles in Acts
  The New Birth Contrasted With The New Creation
  The Unity Of The Spirit
  Bible Study
  He Remains Faithful
  Law And Righteousness/Law And Eonian Life
  The Cross And Wisdom
  The Divine Service Of The Celestials
  The Jurisdiction Of Darkness
  Tree Or "Pole"?

Concordant Translations
(some with notes)

  The letter of Paul to the Ephesians (pdf)
  The letter of Paul to the Philippians (pdf)
  The letter of Paul to the Colossians (pdf)
  The first letter of Paul to the Thessalonians (pdf)
  The second letter of Paul to the Thessalonians (pdf)
  The first letter of Paul to Timothy (pdf)
  The second letter of Paul to Timothy (pdf)
  The letter of Paul to Titus (pdf)
  The letter of Paul to Philemon (pdf)

Davies, B.

  The Rich Man And Lazarus As An "Admission"

Essex, J. H.

  In "Heavenly Places" Or Among the Celestials
  God Is Working
  Lessons Of The Potter
  Signs Of The Scriptures
  The Ecclesia As Christ's Complement
  The Grandeur Of God's Purpose
  The Untaceable Richess Of Christ
  The Word Of The Cross
  What Is The Church?
  All Is Of God
  Blessing Among The Celestials
  Justification By Faith
  Rightly Dividing The Letters Of Paul
  The Purpose Of God
  The Call Of Saul
  The Circle Of The Twelve
  The Writings Of Paul

The Deity Of God
  Part 1: The Only True God
  Part 2: The Supreme God, His Spirit And His Son
  Part 3: God's Will And Counsel
  Part 4: Giving Glory To God
  Part 5: The Relative And The Absolute
  Part 6: God And Satan

The Place Of The Ecclesia In God's Purpose
  Part 1: What Is The Ecclesia?
  Part 2: The Origin Of The Ecclesia
  Part 3: Among The Celestials
  Part 4: Holy And Flawless In His Sight
  Part 5: In Grace You Are Saved
  Part 6: The Complement Of Christ

Hill, G.

  The Resurrection Of The Dead

Johnson, J.

  The Missing Pages

Kirk, J.E.

  God's Purpose In Creating

Maclarty, A.

  The New Testament - A Simple Overview
  Increase Our Faith
  What The Bible Is About
  The New Humanity
  Is There A Hell? - a reply
  Where Are The Dead?
  God Is Not Angry
  Reply to a Letter Asking About the Concordant Version
  The Scapegoat
  The Disruption - Its Place In God's Ways

Mealand, W.

  The Grace Of God
  The Greatness Of Salvation


  An End Of Evil

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