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by Andrew Maclarty


To the world-wide fellowship of Grace and Truth. We are friends of all who read God's Inspired Word.

Grace and Truth is not part of any religious sect or denomination and is read by: Methodists, Baptists, Catholics, Anglicans, Brethren, Salvationists, Pentecostals and many others. Our aim is that you will come to rejoice with us in greater understanding of God's reconciliation, planned in His love, established in His righteousness and secure in His power.

Our Great Interest is the Bible - the inspired Word of God. It contains God's revelation for us. Without it we would not know His mind or His message. It had to be revealed to us, and therefore the Scriptures had to be inspired.

Many folks have been deterred from reading the Bible because of its size and seeming complexity, but this is a mistaken view. On the side bar you will see our simple studies –"What the Bible is About", and "Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth." These are an easy read and show that understanding the Bible is neither tiresome nor complex, nor the outcome of someone's opinion.

How do we know the Bible is the Word of God?
There are many 'holy' books - are they not all saying the same?
Definitely not! Most of these writers are obsessed with the vain attempt to reform conduct and make readers conform to that faith. Most have 'holy men,' - teachers held as examples of how the followers should live. Others - such as Islam - threaten dire penalties if the adherent should stray from strict observance of the religion.

Anyone who wants evidence of the Bible's inspiration should read the first chapter of the Apostle Paul's letter to the Ephesians - you will know it is true! Here is something beyond the ability of mankind to imagine —men could not have written this if they would, and would not have written it if they could ! Believe it ! It is written to you and for you.

To Whom is the Bible Addressed?
The Bible is addressed to you and me - to the average reader. God did not give His word to the colleges and the theologians for them to tell us what it means. They may be correct, or may be mistaken, for their words are only men's words, not the word of God. His word is for each one of us, and His spirit gives us faith to believe it.

The Critical Question all religion must answer
- How can a person be just with God?

The outstanding matter is that although all faiths point to the need for a person to be good and to live rightly (righteously), none can give the power to do so. They multiply rules and observances with the implication that somehow righteousness accrues from success in keeping their commands. Yet all end in failure. As a river can rise no higher than its source, so the religions of mankind fail to make a person just before God. They can define good conduct but they cannot give the power to live rightly.

"Only the gospel of the grace of God, revealed in the letters of the apostle Paul can answer the question and bring about reconciliation between God and man "

Andrew Maclarty

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