Reply to a Letter Asking About the Concordant Version
by Andrew Maclarty

Dear Martha, Sister in the Lord,

Thank you for your letter of 6th ult. and your enquiry about the methods employed in making the Concordant Version (CV). If only more folks would enquire about the method and understand how it was done, they would greatly benefit, and have “the assurance of understanding.”

The work was initially begun by A.E. Knock, a man of great sincerity and intelligence. He noticed that much progress in understanding God’s word had been made by using concordances. But in using these books, one often had to research several words in the original Greek or Hebrew so the chain of thought could be followed. A concordance of the English King James Version (KJV), would only refer one to passages where the same English word occurred. Yet this word might represent several different words in the original language.

Worse still, a single word in the original might be translated by several different English words. So it occurred to Knoch: Why not make a version that is concordant ?

An able scholar who taught Greek at the Los Angeles Bible Institute, Knoch was well aware of the difficulties facing him. Though he headed a team of scholars, the New Testament work took more than 25 years to complete, but has been of great blessing to serious minded believers of God’s word. I have used it for more than 40 years, and my opinion of it gets better every day. But we are not “Into the Concordant Version” we are “Into the Scriptures” and use the CV because it brings us nearer to the original text than any other version. The translators were not free to insert their own opinion but had to use the pre-determined vocabulary thus ensuring consistency. No sensible case can be made for having a discordant version. The Lord Jesus, or the apostle Paul did not say one thing and mean another. You will find the Concordant Version of immense benefit once the initial strangeness has faded. Enclosed are some of our publications you might enjoy, and there follows a print-out about the method used in making the CV. We suffered a hardware computer crash some two months ago, and have still not restored everything from our back-up.

In future we intend to publish further explanations and illustrations of the Concordant Version. We trust you will find our publications of help. If you have any specific questions please write again, or call the number on our heading.

Yours in His grace,

Andrew Maclarty (Editor).

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